About Me

Akilah Alexander

My name is Akilah Alexander.

I’m a girl with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. I’ve got a lot of aspirations for someone so young, but no matter what, I’ve never let anyone talk me out of doing the things that inspire me.  I’ve had some really high ups and some really low downs in my life, but I’m here, I’m breathing, and I’m enjoying my life! I created this blog so that I could share my experiences and the lessons that I’ve learned with people who might still be struggling to find their way. Even if you know for sure where you’d like to go and what kind of person you’d like to be, I’d like my blog posts to be like a breath of fresh air on those days when things don’t seem as bright.

I’m not perfect, and I’m a human just like you. Sharing my own private, personal thoughts and my own experiences with others is absolutely terrifying. But it’s also exhilarating, and if you came to this blog for honesty, I have no intention of disappointing you. You’ll get to see firsthand just how “perfectly imperfect” I am and why that never stops me from striving to touch the lives of others. Everything and everyone that inspires me stems from a single fear:

The fear of failing to live a fulfilling life.

That is a fear that drives me to make each day meaningful, and that doesn’t always mean contributing something amazing to the world every day. I count any day that I’m walking in my truth as a day well-spent. My personal brand is honesty, which encompasses being honest with others and myself especially. Not all of my days are happy days or productive days, but all of my days are days that I get to be myself.

I’m just a girl who was born with a purpose: to serve others and touch lives, and that is something I will always live by. But I’ve still got a ton of growing to do! My blog will serve as a platform for not only my perfectly imperfect journey but for the journeys of others as well. I can only hope that every word on this site will bring you one step closer to Growing Into You.